As TVs become thinner and their frames practically disappear, speaker size and placement are compromised. The sound suffers from the smaller speakers, and viewers are left totally dissatisfied with the audio experience.

dbx-tv’s leading-edge Total Sonics technology allows even tiny speakers to generate detailed, immersive sound with deeper bass and decreased distortion.   Our innovative technology corrects for problems caused by speaker size, speaker placement and the cosmetic constraints of the TV frame design. Total Sonics makes dialog clear and crisp, creates an enveloping and natural sound field, and coaxes rich bass out of small TV speakers.

Custom-tailored to match the specific needs of each TV set model, Total Sonics includes sophisticated, dynamic equalization to extend bass response, gentle overload protection to reduce distortion, and psychoacoustic filters to widen and enhance the stereo image.  The result is sound that keeps up with HD displays.  TVs with Total Sonics sound as if they have bigger, more powerful speakers placed outside the limits of the cabinet’s bezel. To learn more about how we achieve this, visit our Total Cal page.